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Professor ID number

Your Professor ID number will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. Once you have received your number, you must access netPA and obtain/recover your password. Find out how in Central de Ajuda

Institutional E-mail

We have already created your institutional email pXXXX@ulusofona.pt and it is available at: email.ulusofona.pt. If you would like an alias with your “first.last” name, please send a request to: email.alias@ulusofona.pt.

You can forward emails from your new email account to another one you already have. Find out how by following this tutorial.

Managing Academic Activity

You can now access the platforms designed to support academic activity:

  • Portal do Colaborador
    allows you to enter and update your personal details, submit representation expenses, book holidays, access your payslips, annual tax return, etc.
  • Netpa
    where you can record summaries up to 60 hours after the end of the lesson, post grades and record student attendance.
  • Moodle
    allows you to make teaching materials available, hand in assignments, take tests, manage interactions with students, among other functionalities that are available.

Association of Ciência Vitae ID with the Universidade Lusófona

  • Step 1: Access the docente file;
  • Step 2: Choose the option Edit “ficha do docente”;
  • Step 3: Add your Science ID and save;
  • Step 4: Follow the link to associate your profile with Universidade Lusófona.

Additionally, if you have Orcid, please add it.
If you have any questions, read the tutorial or send an email to suporte.aplicacional@ulusofona.pt


Productivity Software

On the click.ulusofona portal you can find information and ways to access the resources and technologies we offer for distance learning and collaboration.

You have a Microsoft account with free access to the tools available in the latest version of Office 365 and unlimited space in the cloud via OneDrive.


To access the Intranet, use your email address: pxxx@ulht.pt with the password you created. Here you can get to know the structure of Universidade Lusófona and access the training programmes for teachers. If you wish to organise or suggest training activities, you should contact the Gestão de Talento team. After accessing the Intranet, you can also consult the Manual de Acolhimento ao Docente.


Find out about the benefícios and advantages of being part of the Lusófona team. Car parking is available on Campus, subject to availability.

Lusófona Docentes

The APP Lusófona Docentes, available for IOS and Android, allows you to access a range of daily tasks, such as consulting and submitting summaries, consulting the timetable and viewing the teacher’s work distribution.

Professor ID Card

The Professor´s card identifies you inside and outside the institution. It can be issued at any Caixa Geral de Depósitos branch on request. Simple ID cards, without associated accounts, can be collected from the HR Department (after contacting these services). Cards with associated accounts and ATM functionality will be sent to the teacher’s residence.

Teacher Centre – Espaço Professor

The teacher’s area, located in Building L and available every working day from 9am to 10pm, with the email address espaco.professor@ulusofona.pt, offers various services: Delivery of timetables; Multifunction printers, scanning and copying; Delivery of test sheets, drafts and various forms; Delivery of whiteboard markers, among others.


The PUI (Single Point of Information) is located on Floor 0 of Building C. The key service for offices and classrooms is open 24 hours a day. The room service is open every working day from 07.45 to 21.00.

Contact details

For the academic community’s contact details, please consult the Diretório.

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